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This new website is still under construction, we will let you know when access is available and are apologies to all those who have already registered. We will email all those already shown interest by registering when access will be available. 

More information will be available in due course. Thank you for your understanding.

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About Us

We are all used to listening to the radio through a good old receiver on AM or FM frequencies, twisting the radio knob and listening to our favourite radio station. But times have changed – now virtually every radio station offers a digital platform on the internet, we live in unique times you can listen to any radio station around the world.
In the early days, it could be difficult to find your favourite radio station either search on the internet their website might not be index in the search engine or that radio station did not have a streaming service. At Go Radio Station we felt that it would be a good idea to create a radio directory to place all the radio station in one place and easy to find.
We offer a variety of programs, news and music in a wide range of styles and trends, therefore to help you listen to radio online we endeavoured to gather all the stations of the world in one place. Sign up for one of our plans today so you can access the world.

How to Use

Our fast and convenient online player will open to the world of internet radio broadcast. There is no need to install special software for access to our service – with Online Radio you can listen to the online radio music directory in your browser.
Each radio station has its own box with a play button just hover over the play link icon and the player will automatically start playing, at times a wheel will start spinning this is because the software is trying to find the radio stream, at times the buffering wheel my find that there is a broken link and will not play let us know and contact us in our contact form at the top of the website.
There also might be another reason for a station does not want to play this is because your IP address is restricting within the country you are trying to access and there may be a restriction policy within that country of origin. If this is the case there is nothing that we can do to help if this happens.